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Opportunities for play and creativity

How come? You will ask. «JakTak®» is a toy which will surprise you!!!

400 грн/шт
Having «JakTak®» toy-souvenir and using Live Portrait software (alternate reality), you will be able to travel to different countries

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«JakTak®» souvenir puzzle toy
with alternate reality

A unique combination of Hand Made and modern technologies
The perfect gift idea
Ecological properties of material
100 % hand made
Service life of the toy, in cannot be accidentally broken
It is recommended for people with disabilities
Does not contain magnets
Creativity development
Movement development

Don’t lose your chance to possess «JakTak®» souvenir toy!

«JakTak®» puzzle toy is a wonderful present, interesting and developing puzzle, stylish and modern accessory

Play. Develop. Surprise

«JakTak®» puzzle is an ecological and natural toy, as well as a great opportunity to admire the limitless possibilities of the wooden toy.
I want one
for birthday!

«JakTak®» is interesting and useful for everyone!

«JakTak®» toy will please both children and adults, forcing them not to exclaim once more: "How come?".
«JakTak®» toy develops child’s observation, perseverance, fantasy, and imagination, helps cognize oneself and cope with hone’s emotions.
For kids
«JakTak®» will serve for adults as an anti-stress toy that is capable of discharging the tense situations of everyday life and raising mood.
For adults
+18 — ∞
«JakTak®» is recommended for people with disabilities for the rehabilitation: it develops motor skills, imagination, reaction, and attention.

Ultra-violet printing is a relatively new printing technology that we have used in «JakTak®»

This technology has many advantages:
  • Ecological properties of paints
  • Does not stand, resistant to external effects;
  • Has a high-quality, bright, rich image

«JakTak®» is not a simple toy:

«JakTak®» is a perfect puzzle:

  • Improves thinking
  • It will surely be of interest to even the most intelligent people
  • Recommended for children to learn letters, numbers, geometric shapes

«JakTak®» is a great gift:

  • Does not contain hazardous substances
  • Brings out emotions with the first touch
  • Always creates mood in a big company

Alternate reality for «JakTak®» from Live Portrait!

We have integrated such a miracle as Alternate reality from Live Portrait into «JakTak®» toy! This is a lightweight free mobile application for any smart device. Pointing to the image, you will be moved to the place of your dreams......

How to order «JakTak®»?

«JakTak®» can be bought by wholesale in Ukraine
retail Price for 1 piece:

Check out the prices for the unique toy of modern times «JakTak®»

«JakTak®» is available for both wholesale buyers and for those who just want to pamper themselves with a new toy.

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  • Unique JakTak® handmade puzzle toy;
  • Universal product JakTak® capable of winning people of all ages and activity types;
  • Useful tool for the development of the creative personality;
  • Mysterious original item JakTak®;
  • Qualitative and durable gift JakTak®.

What do people say about «JakTak®»!

Read feedbacks from our customers and make yourself sure you have unique «JakTak®» toy.
Купила сегодня на фестивале Made in Ukraine игрушку-головоломку. Помимо своих волшебных свойств, обладает ещё и хорошим эстетическим видом, приятная на ощупь. Спасибо автору!
Ольга Пазычко
Отличная игрушка, ребёнок весь вечер выдумываете разные фигуры, только и слышно - "мама, папа, смотрите!".
Маргарита Буржинская
Купила сегодня на фестивале Made in Ukraine игрушку-головоломку. Помимо своих волшебных свойств, обладает ещё и хорошим эстетическим видом, приятная на ощупь. Спасибо автору!
Маргарита Буржинская

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